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CD Wave is a program designed to aid in CD-Recordable mastering. It was built for splitting WAV files from any source, like LP, tape or even CD. After recording, you can let CD Wave automatically calculate split points, or you can manually add and delete split points. After this, you can write out the tracks as individual wave files and use any CDR mastering program to write a disc that has no clicks or pops in between tracks. Also supports 24-bit and surround audio.

CD Wave can also act as a simple audio recorder and editor, allowing you to record and playback audio, and cut out parts that you want to keep.

Since CD Wave can read and write CUE sheets, you can also use it as a CUE sheet editor for CDRWin.

CD Wave (1.92) can write files in OGG Vorbis format, in FLAC (lossless compression) audio and in MP3 format (if you have the LAME encoder) directly.

CD Wave is a product of MiLo Software.


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Version 1.97 released

The following was changed/added (since 1.96)

  • FLAC library updated to 1.2.1
  • 24-bit files now really compress with FLAC

Download it here

Known bugs and workarounds

Problems with certain WAV files

If you have a problem that appears only on a certain file, please do the following (a bit of experience is needed):
Download this program.
Unzip this file, and run the executable.
In the top box, select the file you're having trouble with. In the bottom one, select an output file name.
Press GO. This creates a 32k file
Send an e-mail to me (bug report) and attach the 32k output file to it
Include the exact size of the source file (in bytes, use File/Properties). And explain the problem.

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