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Which address to use

Please use the appropriate link for your question, request, bug report, or generic information. Send mail to only one address please. All mail to us on any address ends up at the same provider, on the same machine, so it is of no use at all to send out messages to more than one address.

Common questions

Read the FAQ list first. Chances are that your answer is right there.

Response time

We attempt to answer all e-mails. Usually, you can expect a reply in one or two days. If you did not receive any response in a week, either your message did not arrive (for example because it was too big) or we were unable to reach you (invalid 'reply' address or a spam filter is blocking it). If you have more than one e-mail account, try using another address to send your e-mail from.

How to contact us

Press the appropriate link for a:
Generic request concerning CD Wave (bug, registration, information)
Personal note to the author

Note for people using spam filters: You will get a reply from the above addresses at Please explain to your spam filter that these are valid. We get dozens of fake e-mail filter confirmation mails, and don't have the time to figure out which ones are for real.

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