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Download and install

Note that CD Wave is shareware. This means you can use it in any non-commercial way. You can try it for a period of one month (31 days). If you wish to continue to use it after that period, you must register. Instructions on how to register are also in the help file.

In any case, you'll need to start by downloading CD Wave first. Use one of the following links to download and install the latest version of CD Wave. The latest version is usually also the recommended version (bold):

Latest version
Version Posted Size Download
1.97 10 Mar 2008 1200k Download CDWAV197.EXE
Older versions
1.96.1 21 Jul 2007 1208k Download CDWAV1961.EXE
1.96 8 Jul 2007 1200k Download CDWAV196.EXE
1.95.1 15 Oct 2006 1200k Download CDWAV1951.EXE
1.95 26 Jul 2006 1200k Download CDWAV195.EXE
1.94.4 27 Dec 2005 1215k Download CDWAV1944.EXE
1.94.1 23 Oct 2005 1219k Download CDWAV1941.EXE
1.94 11 Mai 2005 1223k Download CDWAV194.EXE
1.93.3 29 Apr 2004 866k Download CDWAV193.EXE
1.92 28 Dec 2003 939k Download CDWAV192.EXE
1.91 02 Okt 2003 650k Download CDWAV191.EXE
1.9 18 Jul 2003 615k Download CDWAV190.EXE
1.82 10 Jun 2003 615k Download CDWAV182.EXE

Installation instructions

Download the Self-Installer distribution. Just click on the download, and choose "Run from current location". After that, the program will download, and when complete, the installer will guide you through the simple process, and let you choose destination directories and program groups.

No virus, no spyware, no adware, no malware, ...

CD Wave is totally free of any form of adware or malware. Some antispyware, antivirus or antitrojan programs can detect CD Wave as being infected, although the application runs perfectly safe and does not pose a threat to your system. This type of reading is called a "false positive" and it occurs when antivirus software wrongly classifies an inoffensive (safe) file as a virus. The incorrect report may be caused by heuristics or by an incorrect virus signature in a database.

OGG Vorbis, FLAC

An OGG Vorbis encoder and FLAC encoder are included in the 1.92 and later distributions. You can create ogg and flac files straightaway with CD Wave.

Monkey's Audio

In 1.94 beta 4, the APE encoder/decoder is included. This is still in an experimental stage - use at your own risk! (feedback is welcome)

MP3 Encoder

In order to let CD Wave write out tracks in MP3 format, you need an MP3 encoder. Without it, you will see the message "LAME_ENC.DLL not found" if you choose the MP3 output format.

Due to licensing, this encoder is not included in the package and you need to download it yourself. A very good place to download the LAME codec is RareWares. Find the latest "stable" package that contains "lame_enc.dll" (at the time of this writing, that is 3.95.1, which has problems with some non-standard sample rates. If you get application errors when encoding, I suggest trying the 1.96 beta version). Download and unzip this package and copy lame_enc.dll to either the WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory, or to the location where you installed CD Wave (usually C:\Program Files\CD Wave). If you do not know how to "Unzip" a file, here is a description.


The installer will add CD Wave to the installed programs in Control Panel (Add/Remove programs). You can uninstall the application from there.

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