Version History

1.52 - Possible fix for Access Violation errors when opening files.

- Fixed playback of trailing data in wave file

- Added ability to select output device


1.51 - Fixed some crashes

- Remember last window position


1.5 - some UI changes (bitmaps in menu)

- Overwrite confirmation

- Fixed 1.44 incompatibility with Win95 pre-osr2 for disk space check


1.44 - Space/Esc/s interfered with normal operation. Changed back to F2/F10

- Volume indication while recording


1.43 - Fixed Dart-Pro can now read CDWAV created files

- Auto split dialog now has Apply button and Relative split position.


1.42 - Fixed display problem for formats not fitting 2352 bytes (like 32k mono)

- Track list: Easy rename, double click performs 'seek'

- Fixed the LEDs


1.41 - Adjust (not convert) sample rates


1.4 - "Compatiblity" slider in preferences

- Space bar/Esc controls playback

- Configurable audio settings


1.3 - Time display (elapsed, remaining, track)

- Mouse clicks on bottom or top window both set marker & playback pos

- Better handling of recording thread


1.21 - Displays total time of selected tracks


1.2 - DAO cue sheet "loading" fixed

- Recording in seperate thread


1.1 - Support for non-redbook audio


1.01 - Fixed bug: Saved tracks with wrong offset, resulted in first track

duplicating header inside WAV data


1.00 - First release as shareware

- Added color config and button style setup

- DAO Cue sheet save / load

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