ASUS USB Modification

Okay, now you got this A7V board, with the nice USB add-on card. But the thing is silly, because it doesn't fit in the case, it will either take up a PC slot, or it will short-circuit the VGA card. So, time for a change. Enough holes, we just need to make it fit!

Step 1: Disassemble

First, we take it apart, by removing the two screws that hold the bracket in place.

Step 2: Disassemble

Next, we take the bracket to the tool shed, get out the electric drill and the iron saw. We drill two holes, just where a LPT port would have them (I used an old LPT bracket for measure). The "hook" is simply cut off with the saw. You see the result...

Step 3: Assemble

Final step is to remove the LPT bracket from the computer case, and use two screws (which I obtained from an old LPT connector card) to secure it into place. Voila, there's two extra USB ports, and no need to sacrifice a bracket or risk frying your AGP card.

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