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Data sheet

Name: Mike Looijmans
Age: Yes
City: Ospel
Country: The Netherlands
State: D.I.N.K. (Dual Income No Kids)
Hobbies: Computer programming&games, Making music, Handball, Reading
Instruments: Drums, Percussion, Keyboard
Shoe size: 44
Likes: Saskia, Making music, Dancing
Dislikes: Musquitos, House music
Color: Blue
Food: Indian/Chinese, Italian
Music style: Symphonic rock
Pop group: Dream Theater


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Curriculum Vitae

What have I been doing all these years? Read about it here if you're really interested. If you're a company looking for employees... Well make me a real good offer and we may talk. Since I like my current employment a lot, don't count on me switching jobs.

Carnaval 2006

Foto's van de optocht in Budel 2006

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The eternal SCSI vs EIDE debate

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