The dogs. They may look harmless... and they are. Gizmo (front) is three years younger than his uncle Flippo. Gizmo likes playing with his rope toy, and anything that's fuzzy, but Flippo only plays with Gizmo. Flippo considers the rats to be an extra source of food, while Gizmo regards them as yet-another-fluffy-thing-to-play-with.

As of March 1, 2007, Gizmo was put to sleep as a result of a severe heart condition.


Flippo. He has ears, but usually only for cosmetic reasons.


Action picture.Apparently, he likes this ball

Gizmo in action. He's in mid-air here, suspended only by his teeth. Gizmo's favourite toy. Except us, that is...
Gizmo and Saskia Rope toy