Mike Looijmans - Dirty Pictures

What you've all been waiting for. These pictures are utter filth. Let's start...

This is what it looked like at the end of 1999. Notice the cool rainbow.

Backyard 1999

Then came along a nice chap who offered to do a complete makeover of the back yard. We agreed, and he started working. Below, you see the results. Looks much more artistic.

Backyard now

The pond of course is the main attraction. It looks like it is a shithole. The reason that it looks that way is that it actually is a hole that is filled with pig droppings.


Something terrible happened. A hole in the dike! Aaaarrrggghhh"

It's leaking

Of course, such a nice garden doesn't grow by itself. You need to water and fertilize it. Here we see how that can be done quick and efficient.


And of course, you cannot live without one, a nice heated swimming pool. This is a picture in the How-Can-I-Tell-My-Swimming-Pool-Needs-Cleaning division


No small fluffy animals were killed or harmed taking these pictures.
Pictures published on this page are the exclusive property of myself only, and may be used, copied or published in any form with my written permission only. Copyright (c) 2000, Mike Looijmans.

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